Case of the Swollen Foot

29 Sep

I’m not sure if it’s from running, or if something else is wrong with me… but my left foot/ankle is swollen and sore. It’s been this way for the last couple of days. I ran on Tuesday evening, and noticed Wednesday that my feet were swollen. I wanted to run again Thursday, but the left foot still hurt. And it’s the same story tonight.

I was thinking maybe it’s from over-use or doing too much too fast with running. I don’t think I’m doing anything crazy with the couch-to-5k program, but I’m using minimalist footwear (Merrell Trail Gloves), and I’m still a pretty heavy person. Not sure if maybe I’m pushing it too hard with those things considered. I really don’t want to stop though — I want to keep going. I hope this goes away and I can return to running on Sunday at the latest — I don’t want to lose my progress. I had a really good swim last night. I think the running is helping my endurance overall — and it’s improving my swimming as well.

This isn’t the first time my foot has swelled up like this either… I think this happened just last month or so as well. Can’t remember if I did something in particular (like run) to bring that on. I’ll bring this up when I go to the doctor next month.

Oh yeah. I scheduled an appointment with a doctor in the end of October. This is a big deal for me — I hate going to doctors. Especially this particular doctor visit… you ladies know what I’m talking about. But I decided with me getting serious about getting healthy and doing what’s right for my body, I knew it was time to put on my big girl pants and schedule an appointment for a wellness exam. I also plan to request thorough blood work to be done — I want to check my thyroid functions and hormone levels… I’ve been experiencing some hair loss over the last few months and I want to make sure things are okay. I had read that it’s very common to have significant hair loss after losing a large amount of weight [quickly]. I’m hoping that’s all that it is. But I have a history with borderline hypothyroidism, and PCOS… so I know I need to get checked out and be on top of knowing my body’s current situation. Even though I feel like my diet and fitness has helped in a lot of ways, I know it doesn’t guarantee perfect health.

Not much else to report…other than I’m definitely not getting enough sleep lately. I have nobody/nothing to blame but myself.


2 Responses to “Case of the Swollen Foot”

  1. Jenny September 30, 2012 at 5:43 am #

    I’ve never been a big fan of the minimalist footwear. I have running friends who go crazy over them, though. I have never worn them myself, but from what they’ve told me, your running form is really important when you wear them, because it’s a lot easier to hurt something or strain something. They also said it’s easier to get calf pain with them. I’ve had problems with my calf muscles in the past, which is why I prefer more cushioned footwear. Everyone is different, though. Hope your foot heals soon.

    • Meghan September 30, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

      Yes running form is extremely important when running in minimalist footwear. I’m all about letting the body do what it’s supposed to do naturally — and I think my running form is good. And I much prefer the feel of running in my minimalist shoe vs. my conventional shoe (Merrel Trail Gloves vs. Brookes Adrenaline).

      However, I am a lot heavier than most runners. And new to I’m sure my muscles in my feet/legs need to be developed.

      I’m not sold that it’s running that caused this… my foot swelled up last month too, and I don’t think I ran to cause that. I’m wondering if there’s something else going on…. I’ll be bringing it up at my doc appt. later in October. Although I’m not sure how much a gyno is going to be able to help with a swollen foot.. lol

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