Big Foot Returns

21 Oct

It’s been nearly a month, and my left foot is still slightly swollen. It’s gone down in size, but still swollen. It’s tender to the touch, especially on certain spots. I saw the general practicioner about it last week. They took x-rays and found no broken bones or anything. They said an xray may not show stress fractures if that were it, or soft-tissue damage. They suggested I wear a walking boot. I told them I had one from high school I could wear… and proceeded to never look for it so I have just been continuing on. I know I should probably wear the boot. I just don’t want to because I feel like it’s being too dramatic. I know I’d get questions at work if I showed up with it, and people would freak out and ask what I did. I just don’t feel like dealing with that. Plus… I just feel like this swollen foot thing is not exactly injury related.

If it were injury related, then why would a similar (but much shorter) episode have happened back in August when I didn’t run or do anything to bring it on?

I have my appt with the reproductive-endocrinologist this coming week. I will definitely be bringing up the swollen foot, as well as my concern over my thinning hair… as I’m thinking there’s something going on in my body and I’m hoping the doctor will run the appropriate tests to figure it out. I’ll probably do another follow-up blog post after the appt next week… or whenever I know anything more basically.

In the mean time, I haven’t been running since the end of September. I’ve just been swimming, and lifting weights. I haven’t really been pushing myself that hard really. And I had a major cheat day Sunday last week (party with tons of good food and dessert!), and had pizza last night (brother’s in town). I can’t say I feel super guilty, but I do think I need to make sure I eat super clean this week because my birthday is coming the week after next and LORD KNOWS I WILL BE CHEATING. I already know what I want: dinner will be a crostata from Abocca’s Italian Grill. Dessert? Chocolate seduction cake from Breadwinner’s Bakery in Dallas. I don’t want mom to make me an entire cake (as usual) because I don’t want to deal with the left-overs. I just want one, delicious slice of heaven so that I can move on without looking back the next day.

I’ve continued to lose weight… now at an estimated 65 lb loss. I also got my vitals (blood pressure, resting pulse rate) taken at the doc appt this past week, and check out the changes:

May 2012: blood pressure: 130/80 mmHg; Pulse: 94 bpm

October 2012: blood pressure: 110/68 mmHg; Pulse: 63bpm

Wow — numbers are always rewarding because they’re so clear. Considering the May readings were already a month into my healthy diet change, I wonder what my blood pressure, weight, and heart rate were in April before I started this whole thing. Regardless… I was happy to see such a difference that only a few months makes!


One Response to “Big Foot Returns”

  1. Jenny October 21, 2012 at 5:47 am #

    LOL I realized I should clarify the fact that I liked this post because it sounds like you have made awesome progress…not because your foot hurts. I hope it gets better soon!

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