Follow-up on the doc appointment

11 Nov

So as you guys might remember, I scheduled an appointment (that I was dreading) with the gyno at the end of October. The gyno I saw was a reproductive-endocrinologist in addition to gynecologist, so I figured she’d be a really good doctor to see since I was suspicious about my thyroid function, hormones, etc.


The appointment really wasn’t that bad. And she ordered a bunch of blood tests. Everything came back normal except for Vitamin D — which I had 27. I think anything below 50 is considered low. I am not sure if 27 is like… baddddd or just not good. Anyway… she wanted me to start taking a vitamin D3 supplement. So I have been for the past week. I also started taking Biotin every day, and zinc every other day. I’m happy to report that my hair loss seems to have slowed down/decreased. I’m hoping that taking the D3 was what I needed to fix it…. because guess what sucks. Losing weight and feeling better about your physical appearance… only to start feeling self conscious about a different issue. That sucks. Feeling like I can’t get bangs or do certain hair styles because my hair is too thin sucks. 


I started running again because I was tired of waiting for my left foot to de-swell. The swelling has gone down, but it’s still puffier than my right foot. I don’t care anymore… I want to be a runner. So I’m on week 2 of Couch to 5k again. I just did the first workout of week 2 today, and then went and swam 3000 yards afterwards. I can feel the running affecting my breathing in swimming — I breath easier when I’m running as well. 


This past week I went and played tennis with my friend after work. It was really fun — I remember trying tennis like two times in the past. I remember both of those times involving embarrassment from sucking so bad and not being able to return the ball. When I played the other night, I was able to return the ball maybe 65-70% of the time, which is pretty good considering we were playing in the dark, and I don’t have much experience with tennis at all. I think my fitness level allowed me to run after the ball and be better at moving, therefore better at returning the ball. I felt pretty good about it! yay hand-eye coordination!


One Response to “Follow-up on the doc appointment”

  1. Andie November 19, 2012 at 3:35 am #

    Great news! I also take a vitamin D supplement, along with B12. It’s helped my energy level considerably, so I’m happy..!

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