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10.5 Months – Progress

2 Mar

Weight Loss3

Estimated 100 lbs lost

I know it’s kind of hastily done. I wish I had a better set-up to take body shots… but oh well…this gets the point across. Plus I’m sure I’ll do this again next month when I hit my official ANNIVERSARY of putting health as a top priority.

I can’t believe I’ve lost an estimated 100 lbs in under 11 months. Exciting!


4 Miles!

25 Feb

Today I ran 4 miles! It went pretty well — no need for walking, and the last mile actually felt pretty good! 

I am trying to diversify my running work-outs now. Tuesdays are my 3 mile runs where I just try to run a good steady pace — I guess as fast as I can really. Thursdays will be my interval days where I alternate sprints with either walking or jogging. And Sundays are my distance days — where I will add .5-1 mile each week. The emphasis isn’t on time, but distance.


I did my first interval run on Thursday last week, and I’m not sure if I really pushed myself enough. I alternated 30 seconds of sprinting with 2 minutes of walking, repeated 6 times. That only came out to about 15 minutes, and I don’t think I even really got sweaty… but those last couple of sprints really killed me. I couldn’t even last the entire 30 seconds giving it 100%… so it wasn’t easy. I guess next time I might try jogging between sprints instead of walking…but jogging is hard enough as it is! 

I’m planning to run my first 5k next month and I’m hoping that incorporating sprints/intervals and increasing my distance will improve my 5k time so that I can finish under 30 minutes. The 5k is a St. Patrick’s Day one, so I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my costume/outfit. Probably more time than I should…hehe. I’m Irish, it’s my first 5k, so I feel like I gotta look cute and put the ROCK in shamrock, you know? I am seriously thinking about making one of those tutus I see so many runners wear for 5ks. If not, then I need something else that’s cool… like a cape. 


2011 vs 2012

20 Dec

2011 vs 2012

Company Christmas party pics — last year vs. this year


Before and During – As of August 2012

7 Sep

Before & During, as of August 2012