Tools & Tactics

The internet is a wonderful place, and I can tell you if I didn’t have the ability to google “[random ingredient]  paleo recipe,” I’d still be standing in the kitchen without a clue. I’ve learned so many things from various places online, and have gotten a lot of use from websites that provide ways to track food intake and/or exercise.  These are some of the websites that I use frequently (or daily) for tracking food/calories, exercise, and general, etc.


This is a very popular site (and free mobile app) for tracking food/calories. The thing that sold me on MyFitnessPal was the UPC scanner utility that you can use with your smart phone to easily scan food items for nutrition data. Plus it’s a free app. Since it’s super popular, it’s pretty rare for a food to not have already been logged/made available in the database… which is very convenient.

Want to be my friend on there? Find me here.


SparkPeople is a well-known site that has a lot of resources for health and fitness goals. Articles, recipes, exercises… you name it. I mostly use it for tracking my body measurements, but you can use it for tracking calories/food and exercise (which I use MyFitnessPal and Fitocracy for).


What it is: Fitocracy is a fun way to track your exercise. When you track activities, you earn points (which makes you feel pretty cool). The point system would be a nice way for you to track when it’s time to reward yourself for reaching a new level (just giving you some ideas). It’s got a community of people, who give each other ‘props,’ which also makes you feel good. It’s just a fun way to track activities and I’ve been using it for basically the entire duration of my weight-loss journey. Want to be my friend? Find me here.



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