Mission Accomplished: Sky-Diving

21 Apr

Sky Diving

Sky-diving in San Marcos, Texas!

Last weekend, I checked off another bucket-list item: SKY DIVING! Finally! I’ve wanted to sky-dive a long time… To be honest… I think it stemmed from the opening scene of the Power Rangers movie from the 90s. Here it is if you feel like watching a shitty quality video:

Here’s a fun fact: I told one of the sky-dive dudes that the opening scene for the power rangers movie implanted my desire to sky-dive myself…and he told me that the actor who played Tommy regularly sky-dives at that place! He also said he was there THAT DAY. I didn’t believe him, so I didn’t ask too many questions…but I just researched this myself online and apparently the actor is into sky-diving. Damn I wish I got to meet him and take a pic…that would have been so weird and awesome. I had no idea that actor actually sky-dived… thought it was just stunt doubles!

I saw that movie as a kid, so I decided that when I turned 18, I’d sky-dive and do crazy flips in the air. Well, turning 18 came and went… but no sky-diving. When I turned 18, I was on crutches after breaking my ankle and I was a broke high school student who didn’t have money for sky-diving anyway. Then I gained weight through college (and was also a broke college kid), so it just never seemed like the time was right to do it. I didn’t want to sky dive when I was obese, because weighing over a certain amount meant you had to pay extra…that was humiliating! So I decided to sky-diving to celebrate my weight-loss.

Instead of sky-diving near my own city, I decided to drive down to Austin/San Marcos. It seemed like maybe the scenery would be prettier, plus the two friends who sky-dived with me live in Austin. It was great catching up with friends… I even had friends who were not jumping and didn’t live in Austin make the trip out to San Marcos to be there. That really meant a lot. It was a very fun trip, but a very fast weekend that left me pretty tired!

Overall the sky-diving experience was awesome. The amount of air going up your nose and in your mouth really over-powers you… it made it hard to breath! It almost felt like water going up your nose… it was a crazy experience during the free-fall. Never once did I wonder if I was going to die… I was so over-whelmed by the fall, I wasn’t even thinking about anything. I didn’t get to do any crazy flips in the air, but the fall itself is crazy enough.

For the record — I would gladly do it again.


10.5 Months – Progress

2 Mar

Weight Loss3

Estimated 100 lbs lost

I know it’s kind of hastily done. I wish I had a better set-up to take body shots… but oh well…this gets the point across. Plus I’m sure I’ll do this again next month when I hit my official ANNIVERSARY of putting health as a top priority.

I can’t believe I’ve lost an estimated 100 lbs in under 11 months. Exciting!


First co-op haul

16 Feb

First co-op haul

The first pick-up


2011 vs 2012

20 Dec

2011 vs 2012

Company Christmas party pics — last year vs. this year


Before and During – As of August 2012

7 Sep

Before & During, as of August 2012